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Urgent insulin

Urgent delivery of insulin from Switzerland to Serbia.

Air Charter Service was tasked with flying an urgent delivery of insulin from Switzerland to Serbia in April 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown, as there were no scheduled flights available and it wasn’t safe to transport the cargo by road.


The cargo was packed into several small temperature controlled boxes. We used our aviation expertise and unrivalled buying power to source a Reims-Cessna F406, which could easily load this type of consignment and keep its temperature consistent. In addition to the usual civil aviation approval, with lockdown restrictions in place we had to obtain special authorisation from the Serbian Ministry of Transport before the charter could go ahead. Our experienced team drew on their insider industry contacts and in-depth local knowledge to liaise with the ministry, working tirelessly until the permit was secured on the morning the flight departed.

The client changed the packing details multiple times in the week before the flight. Each time we revised the arrangements seamlessly until they were completely satisfied.


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