ACS Time Critical

Urgent delivery of automotive parts

A speedy onboard courier solution was needed to get 188 boxes from China to a manufacturing plant in Mexico.

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Our Mission: An automotive client urgently needed ACS Time Critical’s help transporting 188 boxes of parts from China to a manufacturing plant in Mexico. With delivery needed within ASAP and no airlines able to accommodate the cargo as general air freight at such short notice, an onboard courier solution was the only way to get it there in time.

Route: Shanghai > Narita > Houston > San Luis Potosí

Transport Service: Onboard courier

Our Solution

We reached out to our network of onboard couriers, sourcing four locally-based flyers who were available to travel at a moment’s notice.

After collecting the parts, which were being stored in open-top boxes, we repacked the cargo securely for transit and headed straight to the airport.

The couriers reserved space on the next available flight and accompanied the shipment all the way to Mexico, delivering the cargo well within the client’s tight timeframe.

The Finer Details

Rapid Response: We provided the client with a quote for a time-critical onboard courier solution within 15 minutes of the request coming in.

Unrivalled Experience: Our team’s expert knowledge saved valuable time when shopping for quotes, as we knew which operators were likely to accept a large amount of luggage.


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