ACS Time Critical

Trucking a perishable shipment during severe storms

ACS Time Critical needed to find an urgent solution when storms delayed a perishable shipment being trucked from Chicago to Atlanta.

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Our Mission: ACS Time Critical was tasked with transporting a high-value shipment of perishable goods from a warehouse in Chicago to a distributor in Atlanta. When severe storms caused road closures along the planned route, an alternative solution was urgently needed to avoid further delays that could lead to spoilage and financial losses.

Route: Chicago > Atlanta

Transport Service: Trucking

Our Solution

Upon detecting the delays, we immediately notified the client and collaborated with them to devise a contingency plan.

Working closely with our network of carriers, we swiftly identified alternative trucking routes that circumvented the affected areas.

With the shipment back on the move, we deployed extra personnel to ensure it was unloaded and delivered to the client’s facility as quickly as possible after arriving in Atlanta.

Despite the initial setbacks caused by adverse weather conditions, the goods were successfully recovered and delivered in optimal condition within the agreed timeframe.

The Finer Details

Proactive Problem-Solving: We took decisive action, quickly rerouting the shipment and expediting handling. This minimised further delays and mitigated the risk of spoilage, enhancing our reputation as a reliable and responsive logistics partner.

Real-time Monitoring: Leveraging our advanced tracking technologies and dedicated support team, we continuously monitored the shipment throughout the journey, promptly identifying issues and assessing the impact on the perishable goods.

24/7 Communication: Maintaining constant contact with the client facilitated rapid decision-making, while also ensuring they were kept up-to-date on the shipment’s location and condition.


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