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Transporting Covid medicine
to a remote island

Transport of Covid-19 medicine needed for vaccine research.

In June 2020, Air Charter Service was asked by a medical courier to help transport Covid-19 medicine needed for vaccine research from Montreal to a French island territory located off Canada’s eastern coast.


The freight had already travelled from Paris on a commercial flight and a charter was needed to complete its journey, so we needed to find a suitable aircraft that could carry cargo internationally and land on the island’s short runway.

Within an hour of receiving the request, our award-winning cargo team had sourced an available Pilatus PC-12 that could easily land on Saint-Pierre’s short runway. We also quickly secured the permit needed to transport cargo on the requested route. The operating airline didn’t have a registered three-digit carrier code for the Airway Bill Prefix, so we worked with the client’s customs broker and the airline to secure a temporary code.

We chose a Quebec-based airline, ensuring there were French-speaking pilots and operations personnel who could liaise with the customs agent in Saint-Pierre.


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