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Tanzania oil & gas contract

Moving 52 tonnes of oversized cargo with hazardous material.

Air Charter Service received an urgent request from one of our key clients, on behalf of a company conducting exploration drilling in Tanzania. The request was to move two steam generator units and ancillary equipment from the UK to Mtwara, Tanzania.


The equipment’s weight was 52 tonnes, with a load length in excess of 25 metres, at 2.9 metres high. The IL76MF was recommended – a ‘stretched’ version of the IL76, the only aircraft which could accommodate the load, without using the larger and more expensive AN-124.

The load was oversized, included hazardous material, was fragile and required immediate customs clearance on arrival, followed by in-country delivery. Owing to the time-critical nature of the charter, it was decided that the load would travel to the drilling base’s closest airfield capable of accepting an aircraft of this size – Dar es Salaam, the Tanzanian capital.

To keep aircraft positioning costs to a minimum, the load was moved by truck from the UK to the European mainland, with a specialist Air Charter Service account manager present at aircraft-loading.

The load was successfully discharged at Dar es Salaam, departing for a two-day journey to the end client’s base in Mtwara. As a result of Air Charter Service’s quick response times and continued expertise in this sector, the cargo arrived in good order – with the total door-to-door transit, from the UK origin point to Mtwara, taking just five days.

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