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Satellite launch
equipment, California

Transporting specialist hardware for a space shuttle launch.

In July 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Air Charter Service was asked by a freight forwarder to transport specialist laptops from Florida to California, where they were urgently needed for a space shuttle launch.


We needed to charter from an airline with a large fleet, ensuring that back-up aircraft were available in the event of technical issues. It also had to be licenced to handle dangerous goods, as the laptops contained lithium ion batteries. Our expert team obtained several quotes before the client opted for a Dassault Falcon 20F, which was cost-effective and could complete the journey quickly. The aircraft’s size meant it could access smaller airports, aiding a quick turnaround.

Rapid Response: This was an extremely time-sensitive request and we rose to the occasion, delivering the first quote to the client within 18 minutes of receiving the brief.

Reliable Service: As ever, we kept in regular contact and provided real-time updates throughout the flight.


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