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PPE machinery,

Providing a cost-effective solution.

In May 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, Air Charter Service was asked by a marketing manufacturing company to fly machinery used to make protective face-masks from China to Chile. Working with a limited budget, we had to shop around to find the most cost-effective solution.


The client was already in direct liaison with several airlines when they approached us, however we were still able to source the best prices for their requirements. After approving our initial solution, they then asked us to come up with something even cheaper to meet their tight budget, so we sourced an ideal aircraft at a more competitive price through an alternative partner airline. Loading the aircraft took longer than usual, as there was more cargo than planned; but the flight landed on time despite the delay.

On-the-Ground Representation: Our cargo team was present at the airport to check the consignment and ensure it was loaded correctly, which made the process run more smoothly and pleased the client.


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