Onboard Courier (OBC) | Automotive

Keeping production

Ensuring that automotive production could continue without delay.

With a factory in Mexico in dire need of parts, and the factory in creating them unable to produce and ship them quickly enough, we were called in to help.


Upon receiving the enquiry, our OBC team immediately discussed the customer’s clear requirements with them and planned the logistics of the task. It became clear an onboard courier was required every day, on rotation, for the following two weeks in order to deliver the necessary amount of parts to the Mexican factory. We despatched seven local OBCs with the relevant visas and pre-approved paperwork and put them on standby. Each one collected the shipment from Busan then used a connecting flight to Seoul, another flight to Houston, then a final connection to Monterrey. The customer was updated at every stage, day and night, by our teams based in Frankfurt and Hong Kong. All shipments arrived at the manufacturers in Mexico ensuring that production could continue without delay.

Shipment: Automotive parts

Hours of Operation: 36

Route: South Korea – Mexico


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