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How ACS Time Critical achieves an end-to-end service

ACS Time Critical’s global managing director, Oliver Weigelt, talks about why we stand out from the crowd and how his team goes above and beyond for each customer.


How we achieve an end-to-end service

With over 30 years’ experience and a global network of offices, our time critical division specialises in providing complex door-to-door solutions. But how do we achieve this level of service, and what can our customers expect when they use us to move their cargo?

ACS Time Critical’s global managing director, Oliver Weigelt, talks about why we stand out from the crowd and how his team goes above and beyond for each customer.

The initial inquiry

“We pride ourselves on offering an end-to-end service,” says Oliver. “Many charter, freight forwarder and shipping companies only offer an airport-to-airport service, which often leaves the customer doing the work to move their shipment the rest of the way.

“Providing a genuine door-to-door service requires complex planning, especially when trying to find the most cost-effective solution in a time-sensitive manner, and our team has the expertise to do just that. We quickly evaluate all available options and present the most suitable solutions to the customer, so they can choose the one that best suits their needs.

“As well as only providing an airport-to-airport service, some of our competitors also deliver quotes full of hidden costs. Our industry experts understand there are usually extra costs involved in customs or oversized cargo, for example – and instead of springing these costs on the customer at the last minute, all our initial quotes come with a price breakdown detailing everything needed for the shipment so the client can make an informed decision.”

The shipment process

“We send each customer regular updates throughout the shipment process,” continues Oliver. “Once the consignment is confirmed, an email goes out recapping exactly what’s being shipped, where it’s going and when it’s being collected.

“Further updates are sent when the cargo has been picked up, when it’s been checked in at the airport, and when it’s onboard the aircraft. Upon departure, we send the customer a link to Flight Radar so they can track the shipment themselves in real-time, in addition to receiving regular updates until the cargo is signed for at its final destination.

“This level of communication goes above and beyond what other shipment services offer. Some simply update the customer on pickup and final delivery, while others require the customer to sign into an online portal and a few barely give any updates at all. We always try to be as proactive as possible, so the customer knows exactly where their shipment is at all times without having to ask.”

The cargo

“Whether it’s a high-value item or dangerous goods, we have the specialists to cater to your exact shipment requirements.

“Our expertise means we can advise the customer on the best course of action, especially when moving hazardous materials. For example, if an onboard courier can’t safely handle your cargo, we’ll recommend an express air service instead. We can also draw on the knowledge of our cargo charter experts and request pricing for a dedicated cargo aircraft. If this option isn’t cost-effective, we’ll produce another option.

“With every consignment, we present the customer with a wide range of possible solutions to move their cargo quickly and securely. With a presence in six continents around the world, it doesn’t matter where the request comes from or where the cargo is going; we provide local knowledge on a global scale and always have a representative available 24/7.”


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