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A tailor-made logistics solution was needed to deliver a Harrods mattress topper for an operator’s private jet.

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Our Mission: An aircraft operator in Greece asked ACS Time Critical to help transport a custom-made Harrods topper from London for one of their private jets. The Gulfstream was flying a VIP charter customer on holiday to the Bahamas, with the topper requested to maximise passenger comfort during the long journey. Our logistics experts got to work planning a tailor-made logistics solution to deliver the item.

Route: London > Greece

Transport Service: Onboard courier

Our Solution

Leveraging our extensive network, we arranged for an onboard courier to collect the mattress topper in London and fly with it on a scheduled service to Greece.

On arrival, the topper was hand-delivered to the operator and fitted on the private jet, with plenty of time to spare before passengers boarded for their outbound flight.

The Finer Details

Personalised Solution: We meticulously planned every step of the process, seamlessly integrating transportation of the mattress topper into the charter customer’s travel itinerary.

Unrivalled Service: Offering unparalleled convenience and attention to detail, our experienced team can fulfil even the most unique and high-profile requests.


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