ACS Time Critical

Getting a grounded aircraft back in the air

A swift solution was needed to expedite spare parts from the United States to a grounded aircraft in Papua New Guinea.

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Our Mission: ACS Time Critical was tasked with rushing spare parts from the United States to Papua New Guinea, where a private jet manufacturer’s aircraft was awaiting repair after becoming grounded during a technical stop. With schedules hanging in the balance, a swift solution was needed to keep the client’s operations on track.

Route: Savannah > Port Moresby

Transport Service: Onboard courier, road transfer

Our Solution

With no time to waste, our logistics experts quickly arranged an onboard courier to accompany the parts on a flight from the United States, leveraging our government contacts to expedite a visa whilst they were in the air.

Upon landing in Papua New Guinea, we had a local ground agent ready to drive the courier to where the immobilised jet was waiting at Mount Hagen Airport. The aircraft was repaired and returned to service faster than expected, minimising disruption to the client.

The Finer Details

Unrivalled Expertise: ACS Time Critical’s proactive approach and efficiency were essential to getting the grounded aircraft back in the air.

Rapid Response: Our team of logistics experts drew on their extensive network of resources to coordinate a seamless solution for this urgent request.


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