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Flying vital PPE
from China to India

Transporting vital PPE and mask-making equipment.

In April 2020, a freight forwarder asked us to help transport vital PPE and mask-making equipment from China to India, where it was urgently needed as the country battled Covid-19.


Immediately after receiving the late-night call to our London office, we contacted our team in China and liaised with the carrier to book a suitable aircraft, confirm insurance and secure the necessary permissions and landing rights for the flight to go ahead. As the cargo was a shipment of urgently needed medical supplies, we also managed to secure support from government officials to expedite the approval process.

Rapid Response: Disruption to scheduled services was causing an increase in last-minute charter requests during the pandemic, so our team ensured we were constantly up-to-date on the latest aircraft availability and prices. This allowed us to book the charter within four hours of being briefed.


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