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Flying cruise passengers’ luggage to Tenerife

From the moment the shipment comes in, to the moment it’s delivered safely to its final destination, we take a look at the average day of an ACS Onboard Courier.

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Our Mission: When five cruise passengers missed their ship’s departure from Marseille and boarded at a later stop in Tenerife, we were asked to help fly their luggage over from France, which comprised 21 bags weighing 23-30 kg each. Several competitors had provided quotes for an aircraft charter, however the client wanted to use a more cost-effective onboard courier. We set about finding a speedy solution within their budget.

Route: Marseille > Madrid > Tenerife

Aircraft: Scheduled service

Our Solution

Only one airline offered a scheduled service within the client’s timeframe, flying from Marseille to Tenerife with an overnight stop in Madrid.

Our team booked business class seats for two onboard couriers, both of whom held high-flyer status with the airline and credit cards to cover excess baggage.

We also arranged hotel accommodation in Madrid and hired a van to transport the couriers and luggage to and from the airport in each location.

The Finer Details

Rapid Response: We found a solution within 20 minutes of receiving the request and the onboard couriers collected the consignment the following morning.

Trusted Experts: Our broker built a strong relationship with the client, who knew he was in the best hands with our specialist team.


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