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Demystifying Hand Carry in North America

Moving commercial goods between international borders can be a headache at the best of times.

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Where North America is concerned, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) entered into force in 2020, and while it has many economic benefits for its constituent countries, the regulations surrounding the free trade agreement can be difficult to navigate. Read on to learn how ACS Time Critical (TCS) can simplify your export process.

Between Canada and the United States

Having the longest land border in the world, policing the boundary between Canada and the US is a demanding endeavor, and with the USMCA complicating hand-carry between the two countries, you can trust TCS to facilitate all of your cross-border transportation. Because of the USMCA, once in the departure lounge in Canada, you are already in the free-trade zone, and technically in the US – your flight will land in a domestic terminal – free of customs – therefore an alternative solution has to be found. 

TCS offers a comprehensive door-to-door solution to this conundrum. Your cargo can be trucked across the border into the US, with the appropriate customs clearances, and then flown domestically from the nearest airport to that stretch of the border. 

Between Canada and Mexico (and the rest of the world)

Without the need to transit through a US airport, hand carry can be offered as normal – as the flight is considered international – with the shipper filing export through their broker as normal.

Canada to Mexico via US

The same rules apply as if there was no onward travel to Mexico – because the cargo will touch US soil, it has to be trucked across the border, and then flown to Mexico from the US.

With an extensive variety of transport available for your cargo, our full-service approach means that we take away the arduous chore of filling in paperwork, making sure that your cargo arrives at your destination safely, whilst keeping you updated every step of the way. 

Let TCS take it from here; contact us to discuss your urgent ‘go-now’ charter.


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