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Black friday

Urgent charter solution to clear a 105,000kg backlog of cargo.

Due to the time of the year, there was extremely scarce availability of large freighters, so we started contacting all of the operators we had close relationships with to see if anything could be done.


We managed to find one operator who was still waiting for one of their customers to sign a contract on a Boeing 747-400F, which had sufficient capacity to transport the entire load. Their client had already exceeded the time stipulated by the operator when they were sent the contract and hadn’t been in contact since. Due to our good relationships with the operator they agreed that if we could get our contract signed quickly we could secure the aircraft ahead of the client who was stalling. Our Hong Kong office was able to get the contract signed within two hours, and as the flight needed to depart within two days, also ensured that the ULD release, slots in Hong Kong and permits into the US were in place.

Due to the especially high demand for the product in the New York area and the forthcoming ‘Black Friday’ shopping marathon, the client made a last minute route change and decided that the entire shipment should go to New York, instead of Chicago. Firstly we needed to ensure that the operator would allow the amendment, and then co-ordinate with JFK airport slot control. We kept our client up-to-date with the aircraft movement in order to give them as accurate an indication as possible of the arrival time as trucks were on standby at the airport to collect.


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