ACS Time Critical

10 couriers for an urgent
transatlantic mission

An automotive manufacturer asked us to help fly a huge shipment from Madrid, Spain, to Grand Rapids in the United States, where it was urgently needed to stop a production line from grinding to a halt. With 120 boxes weighing almost 2,500 lbs, our experienced time-critical division had to work around the clock to pull off this complex request on time.


Our Solution:

Route: Madrid > New York > Detroit > Grand Rapids

With a charter not being a cost-effective solution for the amount and value of the cargo, ACS Time Critical arranged 10 on board couriers to pick up the cargo in Madrid who could accompany the cargo to its destination in the US. With limits on the number of boxes commercial airlines would accept on each flight, the couriers were split across two separate transatlantic flights.

As there were no direct flights to Grand Rapids, the couriers flew to New York, where they re-packed the cargo into Duffel bags in order to fly on a regional flight to Detroit. The team then hired cars in order to drive the automotive parts to their destination in Grand Rapids.

The last boxes from the couriers on the second flight arrived 72 hours after receiving the initial request from the client.

The Finer Details

24-hour rapid response: The request required a huge amount of organisation from the experts in our time-critical division, who worked around the clock to come up with a solution and source all the relevant couriers in just 24 hours after receiving the request.

Courier Network: ACS Time critical had to source 10 couriers with valid driver’s licences ready to travel within the limited timeframe. Being able to source from our network over 1,400 couriers around the globe was key to being able to complete this complex operation in time.


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